Imota App Introduces Digital NIN Card for Seamless KYC Process in Nigeria

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Imota has incorporated the use of a Digital NIN Card for KYC verification for Nigerian members. This development was announced via a tweet posted on Twitter by Imota Wallet’s official Twitter account.

The development came to the limelight after numerous complaints by Nigerian Imota users who could not complete KYC 2 verification.

The tweet gave guidelines on how Nigerian Otarians can perform KYC 2 verification on the Imota wallet app.

The procedure is simple and easy to follow. Users must complete a few simple procedures to achieve KYC level 2 verification:

  1. Launch the Imota App and navigate to the KYC section.
  2. Select ‘KYC level 2‘ from the options.
  3. Choose ‘Nigeria‘ as the country of identification.
  4. Opt for an ‘ID Card‘ as the identification document.
  5. Upload a clear image of the Digital NIN Card.

As Nigeria continues to adopt digital solutions, Imota App’s inclusion of the Digital NIN Card into its KYC process has the potential to be game-changing. Users may now perform KYC level 2 verifications with unprecedented ease, marking an important step forward in the app’s development.

Finally, the incorporation of the Digital NIN Card into the automated KYC procedure on the Imota App provides Nigerian users with a new level of simplicity and efficiency. This upgrade simplifies the verification process and demonstrates Imota App’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that improve user experiences.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered professional or financial advice.

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