Green Hive Cloud Mining: Free $4.5 Bonus to Mine BNB, TRX, USDT etc.

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Hi, guys welcome to another blog post on crypto cloud mining. In this blog post, I will introduce you to a new cloud mining platform called “Green Hive”. Green Hive is a cloud mining that guarantees free crypto cloud mining. If you are interested in this website earning opportunity, continue reading to learn how you can sign up, start mining, withdraw from the platform and also tips on earning more crypto on the platform. Let’s get started.

What is Green Hive?

Green Hive is a multi-crypto cloud mining platform that lets users mine free cryptocurrency without paying. At the time of writing this blog post, Green Hive has been in operation for 42 days with thousands of dollars being paid out to members. The Green Hive platform ensures that you mine crypto daily with a profit of 2% for free with no investment.

How to get started?

To get started on the Green Hive platform follow these steps:

  • Sign up for the Green Hive account
  • After signing up login into your dashboard
  • Select a coin of your choice to mine
  • Increase the mining meter to 100%
  • Your mining session will start immediately

Note: On sign-up, you will receive a $4.5 (450 H/s) bonus as a head start which you can use to mine any cryptocurrency of your choice for free on the platform.


How to earn more on Green Hive?

To earn more on the Green Hive cloud mining platform, there are two ways to go about this and they are:

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Subscribing to Paid Plans

Affiliate Program

The Green Hive platform has an affiliate program for members that comes with massive benefits such as you get 1 VH/s for each registration of a new referral you invited with your link, 15% in USDT + 3 VH/s for each new deposit of referrals of your referral first levels and 5% in USDT for each new deposit of referrals second level. With this in place, you can invite your friends on social and increase your mining power and also gains rewards from referral deposits. To get your affiliate link, head over to your dashboard and click on the Affiliate tab there you will find your referral link.

Subscribing to Paid Plans

The Green Hive platform provides its members with paid plans which are grouped into two sections namely Standard Plans and Premium Plans. These plans each have their limits and returns on investment. Check below:

Standard plans


  • Entry Fee: $0
  • 2% per day
  • Investement period 180 days
  • Bonus 450 VH/s


  • Entry Fee: $10
  • 2.3% per day
  • Investement period 180 days
  • 1 000 VH/s


  • Entry Fee: $30
  • 2.8% per day
  • Investement period 180 days
  • 3 000 VH/s


  • Entry Fee: $70
  • 3.0% per day
  • Investement period 180 days
  • 7 000 VH/s


  • Entry Fee: $150
  • 3.3% per day
  • Investement period 180 days
  • 15 000 VH/s

Premium plans


  • Entry Fee: $300
  • 3.5% per day
  • Investement period 180 days


  • Entry Fee: $700
  • 4% per day
  • Investement period 180 days


  • Entry Fee: $1 500
  • 4.5% per day
  • Investement period 180 days


  • Entry Fee: $3 000
  • 5% per day
  • Investement period 180 days


  • Entry Fee: $5 000+
  • 6% per day
  • Investement period 180 days

How to withdraw on Green Hive?

Follow these steps to withdraw on the Green Hive cloud mining platform:

  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Locate the coin you are mining
  • Under the coin click on withdraw button
  • Input your wallet address
  • Click withdraw button
  • Wait for the coin to be sent to your wallet

 Note: Minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 USDT equivalent on all cryptocurrency networks.


There you have it, a detailed blog post on how to navigate the Green Hive cloud mining platform. This platform is a great way to earn passive income, I would recommend that you make a deposit to the platform in order to earn more quickly. In case you have questions on this topic kindly drop your comments in the comment section and I will be glad to help you with it.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered professional or financial advice.

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