GoMining Airdrop: Claim Your Share of $30,000 GMT

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Hi, guys welcome to another blog post on crypto airdrop. In this blog post, I will introduce you to a new airdrop opportunity called “Gomining”. Gomining is giving out away $30000 worth of GMT in its airdrop event.

Gomining Airdrop Details

  • Airdrop ends: September 30, 2023
  • Airdrop link: Go to Airdrop
  • Airdrop amount: 225,000 GMT
  • Network: Ethereum (ETH)

What is GoMining Token?

The GoMining token (GMT) offers an original answer for the difficulties that people inspired by Cryptocurrency mining have recently confronted.

They have disposed of the requirement for costly gear and broad specialized information through GMT, essentially diminishing the hindrance to passage into the world of crypto mining.

It is a progressive crypto-resource the executives token that likewise fills in as a client verification device in their framework.


Clients can take part in the colossal capability of cryptocurrency mining without the typical forthright expenses and specialized impediments by utilizing GMT.

GoMining is airdropping a total of 225,000 GMT ($30,000) to Zealy airdrop participants. To gain XP, complete Zelay missions.

The top 300 participants will receive up to 20,000 GMT tokens plus three NFTs. Each of the 150 participants will receive 100 GMT tokens and 50 NFTs at random.

How to Participate

  1. Check out the GoMining Zealy airdrop page.
  2. Make sure you connect your wallet.
  3. Complete the tasks now to gain XP.
  4. You may follow them on Twitter.
  5. Create a GoMining profile.
  6. Download their Android/IOS app.
  7. Listed below are the rewards for the top 300 participants:
    • Top 1 XP: 20,000 GMT tokens + 3 NFTs
    • Top 2 XP: 13,000 GMT tokens + 2 NFTs
    • Top 3 XP: 8,500 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
    • Top 4-10 XP: 5,000 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
    • Top 11-20 XP: 2,500 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
    • Top 21-30 XP: 1,500 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
    • Top 31-100 XP: 800 GMT tokens
    • Top 101-150 XP: 400 GMT tokens
    • Top 151-300 XP: 150 GMT tokens
  8. Another 150 Members: 100 GMT tokens + 50 NFTs


There you have it, a detailed blog post on how to claim the Gomining token airdrop. In case you have questions on this topic kindly drop your comments in the comment section and I will be glad to help you with it.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered professional or financial advice.

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