Omega Network Achieves 7 CEX Listings on Mainnet Launch

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Omega Network Achieves 7 CEX Listings on Mainnet Launch News

Omega Network, a groundbreaking proof-of-networking social chain, has made waves in the cryptocurrency space with its successful main net launch. The network’s primary objective is to establish a secure, high-performance, and stable decentralized social platform, while also harnessing the untapped power of smartphones for mining. This innovative approach sets Omega Network apart as a pioneering cryptocurrency project.
Exciting news has emerged for Omega Network and its supporters, as the platform’s native token, $OMN, has been integrated into several major Centralized Exchanges (CEX). The integration of $OMN into these exchanges enhances accessibility and liquidity for investors and users of the network.
Among the prominent CEX platforms that have embraced Omega Network’s $OMN token are Bybit, Digifinex, Kucoin, Mexc, OKX,, and Bitmart. These exchanges are recognized as influential players in the crypto industry, boasting substantial user bases and a reputation for facilitating seamless trading experiences.
The announcement of these CEX listings was made through an official tweet posted on Omega Network’s Twitter page. The tweet

$OMN is now listed on 7 exchanges!

More listings are on the way! Stay tuned for more updates. #OmegaNetwork


— OM (@OMCoreTeam) June 17, 2023

served as a clarion call for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, signaling the expansion of Omega Network’s presence in the market.
The integration of $OMN into these CEX platforms is a significant milestone for Omega Network. It highlights the growing recognition and acceptance of the project within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By securing listings on these reputable exchanges, Omega Network gains increased visibility and credibility, attracting more users and potential investors to its platform.
Omega Network’s mainnet launch, coupled with the integration of $OMN into seven prominent CEX platforms, paves the way for a promising future. The network’s commitment to creating a secure, high-performance, and stable decentralized social platform, combined with its innovative use of smartphone mining, positions it as a frontrunner in the crypto space.
As Omega Network continues to garner attention and solidify its position in the market, it remains to be seen how this proof-of-networking social chain will revolutionize decentralized social platforms and leverage the untapped power of smartphones for mining. Investors and users alike eagerly anticipate the opportunities and possibilities that Omega Network will unlock in the world of cryptocurrency.

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