Imota Wallet KYC: What it is and Why You Need it, Especially KYC 2

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Imota is a blockchain wallet that offers a unique opportunity for audiences to support and earn from the revenue streams of creative projects such as YouTube channels, music products, and blockbuster movies. To use the wallet to its full potential, users are required to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

KYC is a regulatory requirement that financial institutions and companies must follow to prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. In the case of Imota Wallet, KYC helps to verify the identity of the user, which is essential for security and compliance reasons.


What is Imota Wallet KYC?

KYC is a crucial process that helps to verify the identity of users and prevent fraudulent activities. In the context of Imota Wallet, KYC is mandatory for all users who want to deposit or withdraw funds. It involves submitting some personal information, including your name, address, phone number, and government-issued ID.

Imota Wallet has two levels of KYC: KYC 1 and KYC 2. The first level, KYC 1, has a limit of 65 BUSD for deposits and 360 BUSD for withdrawals. However, KYC 2 has unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits, making it the ideal level for users who want to maximize the benefits of Imota Wallet fully.

Why You Need KYC, Especially KYC 2

KYC 1 is mandatory for all Imota Wallet users, but KYC 2 is optional. However, completing KYC 2 has several benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. Here are some reasons why you need KYC 2:

Withdraw Free 5 BUSD on Sign Up

When you sign up for Imota Wallet using an upline referral code, you’re entitled to a free 5 BUSD bonus. However, to withdraw this bonus, you need to complete KYC 2. If you don’t complete KYC 2, you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus.

Unlimited Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

As mentioned earlier, KYC 2 has unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits, which means you can deposit and withdraw as much as you want. This is particularly useful for users who want to support creative projects that require a significant investment.

Access to Exclusive Features

Imota Wallet is continually updating its platform with new features that are available only to KYC 2 users. Completing KYC 2 gives you access to these exclusive features, which can help you maximize your earnings.

How to Complete KYC Today

Now that you know the importance of KYC, particularly KYC 2, it’s time to complete the process and start enjoying all the benefits of Imota Wallet. To get started, sign up for Imota Wallet and generate your referral link. If you don’t have an upline referral code, use “bs5t0PDv.” Then, follow the steps to complete KYC 1 and KYC 2. It’s a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes, and you’ll be on your way to supporting and earning from your favorite creative projects.


Is Imota Wallet KYC safe?

Yes, Imota Wallet KYC is safe and secure. The platform uses advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your personal information.

How long does it take to complete KYC?

KYC 1 takes only a few minutes, while KYC 2 may take a bit longer, depending on the amount of personal information you need to provide.


In summary, completing KYC 1 & 2 on Imota Wallet is crucial if you want to access higher deposit and withdrawal limits, withdraw the free 5 BUSD from signing up with a referral code, and ensure the security and integrity of your account. The process is straightforward and usually takes around 24 hours to complete.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Imota Wallet today, complete KYC 1 & 2, and start supporting your favorite creative projects while earning from their revenue streams. Don’t forget to invite your friends and earn even more!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered professional or financial advice.

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