How to Claim NFT Workx Airdrop Tokens

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NFT Workx is a revolutionary Web3 eCommerce platform and mobile application that allows creators and brands to automatically create Digital Collectibles of their physical products at the point of sale. The NFT Workx ecosystem runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is powered by the $WRKX token, which rewards its users, creators, brands, and the community.

To promote the project, NFT Workx has announced an airdrop of 2,500,000 WRKX tokens that will be distributed among the top 4,550 participants. The airdrop ends on April 30, 2023, so interested participants should act fast to avoid missing out.

To join the airdrop, interested participants should visit the NFT Workx airdrop page, submit their details, and sign up. They can then earn entries by completing simple tasks such as following NFT Workx on Twitter, retweeting, downloading the app, completing app tester tasks, answering feedback questionnaires, joining Telegram channels, adding their wallets, and signing up for the newsletter.

Participants can earn more entries by referring others to the airdrop. The top 50 participants will receive 5,000 WRKX tokens each, while the next 4,500 participants will receive 500 WRKX tokens each.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the NFT Workx community, earn WRKX tokens, and be a part of the future of Web3 eCommerce. Sign up for the airdrop today!

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